About Maxine Avenue

Maxine Avenue NYC was created after fashion designer, Janelle Funari could not find clothing to fit the uniquely shaped curvy bulldog, Maxine! The inspiration of the brand was birthed upon the need for practical good fitting fashionable clothing for a city walk or an event in NYC.

Janelle Funari first designs were dresses created as Mini me designs for her personal wedding gown and her runway dresses for NYFW. So now all dogs can be a Diva wearing Maxine Avenue NYC!

For daily city walks in rough terrain, reversible, fur trimmed Jackets, waterproof rain coats and harnesses were created.

The collection is universally fit for ALL dogs!

Maxine Avenue NYC can be enjoyed by French bulldogs, Pugs,Maltese, Shih tzu, Bichon Frise,Yorkies, Boston Terrier, Westies, Pit bulls, Pomeranian, Chihuahuas, Terriers, Jack Russels, English Bull Dog.

Fabrics are uniquely chosen in highest quality yarns and finishes and products are all proudly Made in Brooklyn in  New York city!

Our Mission is to deliver comfort, good quality and Fashion to all dogs Globally with our Fun collection! Come take a walk with us to Maxine Avenue and you will surely make a bold statement where ever your dog takes you!


Maxine and Mommy